1 October 2018

The new complete collection of innovative design gifts and accessories, created by world-renowned designer Martynas Kazimierenas of March Design Studio, is already in Sofia!

After the incredible success of the exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Paris and Geneva, you can already see in our country and order from the designer the bold designer, named by many the "child of the North", who works in an ancient oak-tree forest in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Introducing for the first time the avant-garde combining more than one functionality in one product, bold, modern and practical, with a clean and stylish Scandinavian design, they are an excellent and unforgettable gift for both business partners and personal friends.

T-shirt With character! - Unique T-shirt with a patented design that you write directly with chalk! Presented in a luxury set in a metal box! Thanks to the unique writing board and chalkboard, you can easily draw or write, and be different every day, even every hour! In a rich color range, full numbering, and various models for men's, women's and children's T-shirts, the designer kit is a great gift!

Long Sleeve Blouse Write it! - is suitable for colder days. You will definitely look different. The chalk writing is easily erased after washing, as with the T-shirt.

Tie Free - Your loose shoes need new, unbuttoned ties! Martinas' newest product - elastic ties, in discrete darks and also in signal bright colors! Yes, they are great for sports, formal shoes, they allow you to pull off and put on your shoes without undoing. This allows the soles of the spring to spring, and makes them a necessary addition to my athletic sneakers. They are great for children as well as the elderly. And, of course, for night emotions - because, one of the models also comes with a light reflective effect.

MAXI lollipops - in signal colors, delicious, and handmade! Seven different ones, one for each day of the week, you will see how sweet the day can actually be!

Space Sky Bag - an excellent black solid bag with a convenient, non-replaceable pocket for your phone. What's new about it is that it is designed to reflect the light from streetlights, cars, or spotlights at a concert and nightclub. Discrete during the day - active at night! This unique bag was created just a few months ago, the new work of the designer, and is also new to Europe.

The TATORIS table cloth of special fabric is the other amazing product. It combines the feeling of crumpled paper - it reminds the parachute jackets of the recent past, it is lightweight and, best of all, it is not ironed. It remains in a light, barely noticeable crease, which creates charm and ease on the table. After washing it dries in minutes, and is ready for new use. What we found is that the largest size is an excellent sofa cover and creates a creative atmosphere, ala Christo. The other way you can use it is as a curtain - because the softness and natural folds perfectly complement any modern interior. Available in four different sizes.

THE NEW ECO FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS TREE - a fir tree that, with gentle movement, sticks to the wall in the office, living room, or nursery. Great for shop window decorations or corporate celebrations. The best part is that you can easily peel it off and put it in another place. And after the holidays - to use it again for the next year, after which you put it in the special tube. The set includes a large and small tree. And never more bad karma than cut down trees.

Design buttons in two sizes and silver or bright colors! Light reflective, bold, challenging, or - black and distant - a great addition to everyday jackets, coats and vests, and great for kids, students and students! With them, you can mysteriously flash in the dark, down the street, at a concert, or at a nightclub because they reflect every spotlight. You already have a button - it's time for a new coat

Badges in a huge variety of colors are also not like the usual ones - they can reflect light and create a fashion accent in clothing, available in two sizes.

A spoonful of genius - or a specially crafted wooden spoon on which are placed herbs covered with glucose syrup with golden powder. Three in one - you get tea together, the sweetness for it and the wooden spoon. Placed in a glass of warm water, the mixture slowly dissolves, contributing to the longer aroma and beauty of the herb dance. True enjoyment.

Magic Mirror - For the first time a mirror that can glue metal objects! It is suitable for any home placed next to a key door or in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Great for storing metal items in a clean and stylish design. And, you will no longer be looking for scissors, keys, or your favorite knife.

Paper Bag - The classic 2-paper paper bag is comfortable and easy to put away. It is easy to wash in the washing machine and, once again snow white, will be ready for new feats and purchases!

The collection of designer products is preferred by clients in galleries and museums for contemporary art in Europe. It takes us out of the context of the ordinary 

day, and creates a sense of touch with true contemporary art.

The art of choosing and enjoying the design products that help us in the art of living.

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